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3 Material flows

Interzero offers licensing and recycling for packaging, electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.

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As a company without a registered office in Austria, you can entrust us with your obligations as an authorized representative.

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Consulting services

Legal framework conditions make it difficult to comply with all obligations and we take care of the confusion. Put your trust in our experts.

Who needs it?

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Packaging licensing:

All companies that sell or deliver packaged goods to end consumers in Austria. These include: Manufacturers, retailers, importers or online retailers.

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Battery licensing:

All companies that place batteries or devices containing batteries or rechargeable batteries on the Austrian market for the first time or import them. This includes manufacturers, distributors and online retailers.

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Waste electrical equipment licensing:

All companies that manufacture, import or distribute large and small appliances, monitors and IT devices, lamps and heat exchangers in Austria.

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Foreign mail order companies, distance sellers and manufacturers require an authorized representative based in Austria for packaging, waste electrical equipment and batteries in order to continue to be licensed.

In the absence of mandatory participation in a collection and recycling system such as Interzero, high fines or warnings must be expected.

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Questions about the authorized representative

The authorized representative assumes all obligations of the foreign supplier under packaging law.

Foreign mail order companies that do not have a registered office in Austria and hand over packaging, or goods or merchandise in packaging in Austria, to a private end consumer in the context of distance selling must appoint an authorized representative in Austria for packaging placed on the market as of January 1, 2023.

The same also applies to companies whose registered office is in another Member State of the European Union and who wish to assume the preliminary obligation for packaging for their Austrian corporate customers. They may appoint an authorized representative. Pre-commitment is no longer possible without a proxy.

If you do not sell directly to private end consumers in Austria, you do not have to license the packaging. In the duty stand your österr. Customers. Inform your (corporate) customers in Austria that the packaging delivered to them is not licensed. Your customers will then have to decide for themselves how to proceed; either use this transport packaging, which is available from your Austrian suppliers, or use the new packaging. customers as waste, declare them as own imports and report them to the Ministry via own notification, or participate the packaging in a collection and recycling system.

Yes, licensing of packaging for a company without a registered office in Austria, regardless of the quantities, is only possible by appointing an authorized representative in Austria. You have the option to choose the flat rate solution if your quantities are less than 1500 kg per year (both household and commercial).

The authorized representative is a deputy under packaging law who must assume the obligations for you from 01.01.2023. (You will find detailed information on the obligations in the next question). Due to the obligations, we recommend that you choose your authorized representative carefully. Put your trust in profitara austria gmbh by Interzero.

In principle, however, any natural or legal person can be selected as an authorized representative if the following criteria are met:

  • Domicile in Austria (domestic address for service)
  • Notarially certified power of attorney
  • Registration with the BMK

Further information

No, licensing of packaging for a company without a registered office in Austria is only possible by appointing an authorized representative in Austria, regardless of the quantities. You have the option to choose the flat rate solution if your quantities are less than 1500 kg per year (both household and commercial).

All obligations can be found in §§ 16a to 16d of the Packaging Ordinance.

The regulations on authorized representatives (cf. Sections 16a to 16d of the Packaging Ordinance) stipulate that the authorized representative must be a natural person or legal entity with its registered office in Germany.
Branches established within Austria must be registered with the Company Register. Nevertheless, they do not have their own legal personality. Rather, the legal entity remains the natural person or legal entity behind the main branch office.

Yes, for foreign companies/persons without a registered office in Austria, the appointment of an authorized representative is mandatory in order to continue to be able to license packaging in Austria in accordance with the law.

If your e-mail address is entered correctly in the system, you can simply click on “Forgot password” in the login area to have a new password sent to you. You will see the first 4 digits of the stored e-mail address. If this is not the current one, please contact

Since 01.01.2023, you require an authorized representative based in Austria if you distribute packaging in Austria. Once you have a contract and notarization, the power of attorney is valid until dissolved. Please check with your authorized representative regarding the validity of the contract.
Since 2018 and 2019, you need an authorized representative for the license areas of waste electrical equipment and batteries. Are you legally compliant?

Yes, the notarization of the appointment of the authorized representative is required by Austrian law and can be found in the AWG. You are welcome to ask your notary to do this for you, or you can use the digital service of our partner notarity. Thereby, more than 200 notaries are at your disposal, mostly within the next 24 hours. For more information about notarity’s service, visit Notarity can be reached for your questions by e-mail or by phone +43 1 412 01 48.

Any officially recognized notary can carry out the notarization; you have the option of having the notarization carried out electronically via Notarity.

Only the signature on the power of attorney must be certified and not the copy.

The certification of the signature by the notary on the power of attorney must be issued in the official languages of German or English. Certifications that are not issued in German or English must be translated by a sworn interpreter or a notary public.

Please upload your documents in your customer account, alternatively you can send us your documents as a PDF by e-mail. The sending of physical contract documents leads to delays in the processing time.

No, we do not need the original certified power of attorney. As we scan the original for further processing, please send us the documents in digital form straight away.

Certifications that are not issued in German or English must be translated by a sworn interpreter or a notary public.

As soon as you are an active Interzero customer, you can call up the confirmation of participation at any time in our online portal under the respective year and area.

As soon as you have uploaded your authorized representative contract in your customer area and it has been processed by our service team, we can send you the license partner number or you can find it in your confirmation of participation.

As a foreign company, an authorized representative will act as an intermediary between you and an Austrian collection and recycling system, such as Interzero. When concluding your authorized representative agreement, profitara austria gmbh concludes a license agreement with Interzero for your required license area. You do not have to do anything else.

As a foreign company, you not only need an authorized representative for packaging since 1.1.2023, but also for certain single-use plastic products. If you sell these disposable plastics, please contact us:

  • Balloons: except balloons for industrial or other commercial uses and applications not supplied to consumers.
  • Fishing gear means any gear or piece of equipment used in fishing or aquaculture to locate, capture, or rear marine biological resources or, floating on the surface of the sea, to attract and capture or rear such marine biological resources.
  • Wet wipes: impregnated wipes for personal and household care
  • Tobacco products: Tobacco products as defined in § 1 Z 1 of the Tobacco and Non-Smokers Protection Act.

The exact provisions regarding contract cancellation and termination are regulated in our GTCs.

Special feature of the power of attorney agreement: Within the first 2 weeks you can withdraw from the contract without notice. You will receive your previously transferred amount back minus the service fee of 1.48% on the means of payment you used. After commissioning, the refund may take 5-10 business days.

Definitions: Who needs an authorized representative?

A foreign producer is any person as defined in Section 12b(2) of the Waste Management Act 2002 (i) who distributes packaging in Austria to other than private final consumers or (ii) who distributes disposable plastic products commercially in Austria to other than private final consumers and (iii) has its registered office in another Member State of the European Union.

A foreign mail order seller (packaging) is any natural/legal person who does not have a registered office or place of business in Austria and who transfers packaging or goods or goods in packaging in Austria to a private end consumer in the context of distance selling within the meaning of Section 5a KSchG.

Foreign distance seller (single-use plastic products) is any person who commercially sells single-use plastic products, excluding packaging, in Austria directly to private end consumers by means of distance communication technology and is established in another Member State of the European Union or in a third country.

Questions about your license agreement

As soon as you are an active Interzero customer, you can call up the confirmation of participation at any time in our online portal under the respective year and area. If you cannot find them, please contact

The classification is regulated in the respective ordinances and provides information on the frequency of your reporting obligations. The classification of the reporting period is also the basis for the proxy flat rate.

The calculation is based on the quantities placed on the market in tons times €. You can find the current tariff lists under “Info and price lists”

  • <1.500€ – annual report
  • Between €1,500 and €20,000 – quarterly reporting
  • >20.000 € – monthly reporting

In the course of ordering the contract, your license fee will be calculated automatically based on your specified quantities.

The quantity reports are due on the 15th of the month following the reporting period (e.g.: the report for January on 15.2., the report for the 1st quarter on 15.4., The annual report by 15.1. of the following year).
Our online portal at is available for this purpose. You will receive access data as part of the contract processing.

  • For monthly and quarterly reporters there is the possibility to report the continuously reported quantities within the year-end report until 15.3. of the following year.
  • Annual reporters, on the other hand, submit the annual report by 15.1. of the following year, and can no longer make any corrections thereafter.

After you have signed your Interzero contract, paid and you have been deposited as a participant, you can download them in the service area of our registration portal.

Payment of the license agreement is currently only possible by invoice. This will be sent to you after signing the contract.
The authorization fee can be paid in advance, which is why payment by credit card or instant payment is possible. In addition, we offer purchase on account. You will find the terms of payment on the invoice sent to you.

The e-bill will be sent to the e-mail address you provide. If you have a different billing address, please let us know during the ordering process.

  • As a flat-rate and annual registrant, the fee must be paid within 14 days of receipt of the invoice in order to be registered as a system participant.
  • Monthly or quarterly reporters will receive their invoices within 2 weeks after submitting the last reports.


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